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New phone wire check portable test phone Check wire feeder with special multimedia telecommunication engineering Free shipping

Product Attributes

2 production function features:
Automatic identification and display of incoming information for 2.1.FSK and DTMF
FSK 2.2., the maximum 57 8 groups, 44 12 groups
DTMK 2.3., the maximum 65 8 groups, 49 12 groups
2.5. real-time date and week display
3 main technical indicators:
3.1 using environmental conditions:
3.1.1 temperature: -10 to +40.
3.1.2 relative humidity: 10% ~ 95%.
3.1.3 atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106kPa.
3.1.4 environmental noise: less than 60dB (A).
3.2.: = 70dB (A ringing sound).
3.3. transmission index:
When the user wire length is 5km
Send loudness rating: 12dB;
Receive loudness rating: -1dB;
STMR: = 10dB;
3.4: DC resistance is less than or equal to 350.
3.5 double tone dialing: 15279-94 4.3.2 in line with the GB/T paragraph.
4.4. caller number display operation:
The telephone automatic recognition, receiving, storage number to call and call time, up to a maximum of 65 groups of storage, the user can turn check operation to the caller ID:
Check: press the check key, the number and time to show the previous number, then press the number and time to display a number and calls, can repeatedly query.
Redial: redial button, the phone will display the phone number automatically dial, dial to call.
5 notes:
5.1. Call display: must to the telecommunication bureau for caller ID service, this machine can realize the function, the machine and the outside can not small switches, anti-theft device, the splitter and so on, otherwise it may affect the call display function, in order to complete the incoming call information, the best two rings after off hook.
5.2. error handling: if the phone is not functioning properly, out of the perimeter, 10 minutes after the insertion line can be restored to normal.


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phone wire check portable test




= 10dB;

1.1 temperature

-10 to +40.

Place of origin


1.4 environmental noise

1.4 environmental noise: less than 60dB (A).

Wavelength Calibration


1.3 atmospheric pressure

86 ~ 106kPa.

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